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Adam Khan is the author of these books:

Self-Help Stuff That Works
Principles For Personal Growth
Antivirus For Your Mind
Cultivating Fire
Fill Your Tank With Freedom

Direct Your Mind
What Difference Does It Make
and Self-Reliance Translated

Adam is the creator of the web site, youmeworks.com. He also blogs at moodraiser.com, and he's the author of the books, Self-Help Stuff That Works and Principles For Personal Growth (now being used as a textbook for a college course in San Diego, which you can take online.)

Adam has been published in Prevention Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Body Bulletin, Your Personal Best Newsletter, Wisdom, Think and Grow Rich Newsletter, the Success Strategies newsletter, and he was a regular columnist for At Your Best (a Rodale Press publication) for seven years where his monthly column was voted the readers’ favorite. He has been a regular columnist for Josh Hind’s Let’s Talk Motivation newsletter and nine other ezines. He's had his work reprinted all over the internet and in others' books all over the world.

Where did he learn what he knows? "I have taken seminars and college classes, of course, but more importantly, I have read and still read voraciously," says Adam, "I've listened to innumerable audiobooks as well as personally marking books I've read and recording those pages to listen to over and over, and I try things out constantly, experimenting with my own life to see what works and what doesn't. I love to learn. And I collect studies. I actually have a 'study collection,' in the same way that someone might collect stamps.

"I've also read lots of books on writing until I found one I enjoyed READING. So I took that author's opinions about writing over everyone else's. Not coincidentally, he was the only writer who used scientific experimentation to discover what makes writing readable."

Adam has a particular talent for sifting the good stuff from the stuff that only SOUNDS good. "I'm very practical," he says, "and I like things simple."

This all adds up to a fund of practical knowledge he can share with you simply and clearly. And, he points out, "I love answering questions." You can write to him at adam@youmeworks.com.

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