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SELF-HELP STUFF THAT WORKS is a no-nonsense, practical self-help handbook written in a friendly, entertaining, and concise style. It gives you solid tools you can use to better your life.

You'll learn how to become more effective with your actions and feel good more often. The chapters were originally written for a column in Rodale Press's newsletter At Your Best where Adam's column was voted the readers' favorite. Read some chapters here.

This book is about as well-made as a book can be. The cover design is laminated onto this hardbound book. The binding is sewn, so it lays open easily and won't crack or fall apart, even after years of hard use.

And this book was designed to be used. It is made to be referred to again and again when you need some counsel. When you're feeling blue or tired or at the end of your rope, or when you need a boost or just want to feel better, reach for this book. It is easy, enjoyable reading and the chapters are brief. Each of the chapters (there are over a hundred) ends with a simply-stated principle you can apply.

Since the things we learn are not etched in stone but stored in a gooey organ, an organ we use every day, it's important to not only learn good ideas, but to be reminded of them when we need them. Otherwise, the incoming information we are bombarded with every day tends to push the things we "know" into the back of our minds, and, while it is not forgotten, it is hard to remember when we need it. Most of the chapters are short enough to read in five minutes or less, and at the end of that five minutes, you'll come away with a technique you can use to improve either your situation or your attitude toward it. Read what people say about the book.

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • Lots of simple and effective ways to feel good more often and improve your attitude
  • How to remove sources of stress from your life
  • How to become closer to the people you love
  • How and why to become more optimistic
  • How to deal with troublemakers and people who bring you down
  • Simple things you can do to get the appreciation you deserve
  • How to accomplish your goals more easily

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Adam Khan is also the creator of the blog, MoodRaiser.
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