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Solar Power to Rule in 20 Years
He predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. He predicted the explosive spread of the Internet and wireless access. Now futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil is part of distinguished panel of engineers that says solar power will scale up to produce all the energy needs of Earth's people in 20 years. There is 10,000 times more sunlight than we need to meet 100 percent of our energy needs, he says, and the technology needed for collecting and storing it is about to emerge as the field of solar energy is going to advance exponentially in accordance with Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns. That law yields a doubling of price performance in information technologies every year.

Study Says Fewer Lack Food, Health Care
The gap between rich and poor remains huge, but a survey of global health finds that significantly fewer people in poorer countries say they have had to go without food or health care because they lacked the money to pay for it.

NYC Death Rate Hit All-Time Low
Between 2005 and 2006, death from HIV fell almost 15 percent, from 1,419 to 1,209, reflecting the lowest numbers since 1984 when 952 deaths from AIDS were recorded citywide. Researchers attributed the decline to lower infection rates because of syringe exchange programs, expanded HIV testing, and slower disease progression. All smoking-related deaths dropped 11.2 percent between 2002 and 2006.

Peace is Breaking Out
The chilling sights and sounds of war fill newspapers and television screens worldwide, but war itself is in decline, peace researchers report.

People are Doing Better
Food production has outpaced population growth and food today is cheaper and more abundant than ever before. Since 1970, the amount of food per person globally has increased by 26 percent.

Huge Marine Wetland Starts Life
A 300m section of a sea wall has been breached to begin the creation of the UK's largest man-made marine wetland.

Earth is Doing Better
Average vehicle emissions are dropping about 10 percent per year, as engines become increasingly clean and efficient. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that water quality is improving dramatically. And there has been a 55-percent decline in toxic chemical releases since 1988.

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World's Largest Marine Reserve
The U.S. plans to designate an island chain spanning nearly 1,400 miles of the Pacific northwest of Hawaii as a national monument, creating the largest protected marine reserve in the world.

New Twist on CPR
A new study changes how we should help someone in cardiac arrest. This is good news. With less skill and no sharing of bodily fluid (no mouth-to-mouth), you are more likely to save someone's life.

Good News for a Change (the book)
Thousands of individuals, groups, and businesses are changing their ways. A growing number of companies are still making money while benefiting their local communties. The authors have uncovered hundreds of solutions that can help all of us to imagine and achieve a new and happier future. Many of the technologies we need to realize our goals to save species, to conserve soil, to right social wrongs are already within our grasp.

Non-Profit Drug Company
Former executive quit her job to get needed drugs to Third World countries. Her efforts could save 200,000 lives a year.

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Domestic Violence Plummets in U.S.
Domestic violence against spouses and intimate partners in the U.S. fell by nearly two-thirds in recent years, reaching a 30-year low. Government figures show the marked declines began in 1994.

Happiness has Consequences
A new mega-study shows the positive practical benefits of feeling good more often.

Smoking Loses Popularity
From 1971 until 2003, the percentage of adult smokers in the United States fell to 21 percent from 45 percent, according to a new study.

Breakthrough In Solar Cells
"This is the photovoltaic equivalent of the four-minute mile," affirms Larry Kazmerski, director of the Department of Energy's National Center for Photovoltaics in Colorado. "This is a disruptive technology that eventually could provide us, at least in the Southwest, with cost-competitive electricity fairly quickly." Read more about it here.

Amazing Asian Poverty Reduction
In 1990 there were 500 million people living in poverty in East Asia and the Pacific region. That number is now under 200 million, and the World Bank projects that by 2011 it will be under 20 million — a reduction of 95 percent.

Freedom Is Winning
Democratic governments now outnumber non-democratic governments worldwide, and the trend is all good.

Deaths From Heart Attack Cut in Half
In just six years, death rates and heart failure in hospitalized heart attack patients have fallen sharply, the largest international study of its kind suggests.

U.S. Abortions at Lowest Rate Since 1974
The number of abortions in the United States fell to 1.2 million in 2005, down 25 percent from the all-time high of 1.6 million in 1990 and dropping the abortion rate to its lowest level since 1974, according to report issued Thursday.

Peace on Earth? Increasingly, Yes
Seen through the eyes of the media, the world appears an evermore dangerous place. Iraq is sliding toward civil war, the slaughter in Darfur appears unending, violent insurgencies are brewing in Thailand and a dozen other countries, and terrorism strikes again in Bali. It is not surprising that most people believe global violence is increasing. However, most people, including many leading policymakers and scholars, are wrong. The reality is that, since the end of the Cold War, armed conflict and nearly all other forms of political violence have decreased. The world is far more peaceful than it was.

Spray-on Solar Power
Like paint, the composite can be sprayed onto other materials and used as portable electricity. A sweater coated in the material could power a cell phone or other wireless devices. A hydrogen-powered car painted with the film could potentially convert enough energy into electricity to continually recharge the car's battery. Click here to read another article about solar paint.

Greenhouse Pollution Drops in China and India
The Three Country Energy Efficiency Project collaborated with Chinese, Brazilian, and Indian energy consulting firms to help owners of local mills, factories, and office parks cut their power use by as much as a third. These quick fixes resulted in prompt payoffs in terms of energy reduction.

Huge New Protected Forest
One of the largest and most intact privately owned forest lands in Guatemala is now protected from development. The Nature Conservancy purchased two pristine holdings totaling 77,000 acres in the heart of the Maya Biosphere Reserve last month.

Lions Making a Comeback
A Masai warrior who once proved his manhood by killing a lion, but the Masai have changed their ways and are now helping to protect lions.

Optimism Prolongs Life
Mounting research shows that optimism could extend your life. The latest study comes from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. For 999 elderly Dutch men and women, agreement with statements such as "I still have many goals to strive for" was highly predictive for longevity. When subjects were traced nine years after being surveyed, death rates of optimistic men were 63 percent lower than those of their pouty peers; for women, optimism reduced the rate by 35 percent.

Flea's Giant Leap for Mankind
Fleas use it to perform leaps that would make Olympic high jumpers green with envy. Bees use it to flap their wings without tiring. Now Australian scientists have achieved a world first by copying resilin, the "rubber" insects employ to accomplish such athletic feats. Future versions of the material could be used to make resilient spare parts, including spinal discs and artificial arteries.

Why The Mainstream News Programs Can't Tell You Much Good News
A news station's very existence is on the line, and the competition is fierce. They can't afford to let your mind wander. They must arrest your attention, and bad news is the best way to do it.

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