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CLICK ON a difficulty below. Choose one that you are suffering from right now. The link will take you to a chapter from the book, Self-Help Stuff That Works. Each chapter ends with a principle. Apply that principle to your difficulty and you are very likely to find relief. Either it will help you solve your problem outright, or it will change your attitude toward the problem so it is less of a problem.

relative upsets you


stressed out





parenting problems

can't make changes last

feeling guilty




troublemaker at work

lack of time



need to change thoughts

difficult task

After you've read one of the chapters above, write the principle on the piece of paper (at the end of each chapter is the principle in bold letters) and carry that principle with you, concentrating on applying it for the next few hours (or days). Take every opportunity you can to apply the principle. Try to set up circumstances where you have the opportunity to apply the principle. Read more about the book, Self-Help Stuff That Works.

If you have a difficulty not shown here, write to us.
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