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Feel Bad Less Often
We don't simply perceive the world, we interpret it, and those interpretations (our own creation) can victimize us. Learn to take more control of the way you interpret your world.

Make Your Mind More Positive
And spread it to others with this simple task.

Conversation On Optimism
Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Research in the last thirty years has been able to answer this question.

How to Gain Perspective
One of the signs of wisdom and one of the key factors in improving your attitude is getting some mastery about gaining perspective. Learn how here.

How to Handle People Who Bring You Down
When someone puts you in a bad mood fairly consistently, you need to change the way you interact with them. Learn how in this article.

Does Positive Thinking Work?
If so, what conditions favor it?

What You Do With People Can Make You Happy
Kindness to others not only helps them but you yourself earn dividends from your actions.

Wrathful Condemnation
Reduce how much you judge and condemn others.

You Will Naturally Become Pessimistic
Why does the normal course of events lead almost inevitably to a pessimistic view of the world? The answer may surprise you.

Behold the power of self-coaching. Learn why self-coaching works so well (and how to do it).

The Trim Tab
How to direct your attention and control your mind without a lot of effort.

Good Thing
Would you like to have a more positive attitude? Here is one core principle.

Relieve Depression
A woman wrote to Adam asking what she could do on her own to make herself less depressed. Read Adam's answer.

Get Over It
Learn a simple and quick method for improving your attitude.

Why the Brain Seems So Negative
Why does it seem like we can't help but be fascinated by horrible things? Why do we always see what's wrong first? Find out how your brain is wired to pay extra attention to negative information.

Will Integrity Spoil Your Mood?
By becoming more sincere and authentic, do you risk making bad moods last longer?

How to rise up and grow strong again after a difficult day.

Why Am I So Negative?
The human brain has a negative bias. See what this means and what you can do about it.

Why Is Everything Against Me?
Is Murphy's Law real? Why does it seem like the Universe is conspiring against you?

Make Someone More Positive
Is it possible to make someone more positive? Would you like to make the world a better, more positive place? Read this.

Catching Pessimism From Others
One important source of a negative attitude is your connections to pessimistic people. Find out what you should do about it.


Antivirus for Your Mind is a small book. You can start here: Antivirus for Your Mind. At the end of each page is a link to the next chapter. But if you'd like to skip around, here are the rest of the chapters in order:

Moment of Truth

Learners Will Inherit the Earth

Can We Just Avoid Explaining Setbacks Altogether?

How to Improve Your Explanations of Setbacks

Why Negative Thoughts Seem So Right

Disaster at Sea

The Flying Kitty Hawk Brothers

An Aspiring Writer With a Sensible Wife

Defeatism is Defeatable

The Basic Technique For Lifting Yourself Out Of Any Negative Emotion

Your Feelings Will Change Quickly

Virus Definitions

The List of 22 Virus Definitions


An Unusual Way to Become More Optimistic
It's simple and even enjoyable to do.

This Too Shall Pass
Learn how you can stay calmer during arguments and stressful circumstances.

Cure For Self-Defeating Thoughts
A simple method for dealing with the kind of self-defeating thoughts that can result in panic attacks.

A conversation on dealing with your own anger effectively.

The Edge
Change your state of mind quickly and reliably.

An Interview On Optimism
No matter how optimistic you are right now, if you became even more optimistic, you would be healthier and more successful. But we optimism has little to do with positive thinking or looking on the bright side.

Think Action
How to feel good more often by changing where you put your focus.

Profit of Doom
The media has a negative bias because your own brain has a negative bias.

Make Fun of Yourself Profoundly
A technique to release yourself from your own pettiness and greed.

No Reason
How to solve problems and feel better by thinking better.

Deep Calm
What does calmness have to do with enlightenment? Why are enlightened people so calm?

Why Doesn't Positive Thinking Work?
You've tried it and positive thinking didn't help. Why? And why do so many people advocate it?

Why You Should Avoid Bad News
As one researcher put it, reading about Clinton's sex life or watching OJ's trial is not appropriate stress for a healthy mammal.

The Danger of Keeping Up With The News
See how good intentions can lead to a continuous representation of the world as worse than it really is.

How News Distorts Reality
Even when the reporters aren't trying to distort reality, it happens anyway simply by selecting out information that you would not otherwise be aware of. Oh, but there's more...

Facts About News
What does the watching the news do to your state of mind? Find out here.

Will it Do Any Good?
How to change your thoughts when you want to.

Use The Wisdom You've Already Got
How to use your memory to improve your life.

The Power of Optimism
Why be optimistic?

Unification Theory
Find out how the ideas of Albert Ellis, Martin Seligman, David Burns, and Julian Simon are related to each other.

Just One Thing
How to have a better attitude and what's so great about having one.

Becoming Smarter and Happier By Seeing Through Thoughtical Illusions
Improve your thinking and it will make you feel better. It will help you prevent yourself from feeling bad when there is no good reason to feel bad.

Attitude for Survival
This brief article describes a study that looked at which attitudes helped breast cancer patients survive.

Gradual is Good
Improve your mood by taking your challenges more gradually.

Crush Pessimism
Pessimism is like a lamprey that sucks the lifeblood out of you. Find out what you can do to keep your determination and motivation even in the face of setbacks.

How to Stop Being Pessimistic
Find out the four ways we have a natural bias toward the negative, and what you can do to protect yourself.

How to Stop Negative Influences
Learn different ways to control your input and keep yourself from being influenced negatively by your environment and other people.

Optimism is a Cause Worth Fighting For
It feels good to be more optimistic, but it is not a trivial pursuit. It has consequences.

Pessimism is a Violation of Your Integrity
You may not have thought of it this way before, but allowing pessimism to remain in your thought habits harms you.

Is Pessimism Realistic?
Most pessimists wouldn't call themselves pessimists. They'd call themselves realists. Is there a difference?


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