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Toolbox For Attitude And Achievement
This site is like a box full of tools to help you feel good more often and become more effective with your actions. Learn to use your toolbox to make your life better.

Power Tool for Change
Do you know how to make a change in your life, break a bad habit, and make it stick? Find out now.

Make Changes Stick
What to do when you backslide or fail after trying to change.

How to Make Lasting Changes In Your Life
Learn what it takes to really learn something well, and use those scientific principles to enhance your ability to make new information and personal insights actually change the way you behave.

Basic Principles
For a program on the BBC, the program director asked Adam Khan, "What are the basic principles of your work?" Here's his answer.

How to Change
Learn three steps that will allow you to make a change in your life and make it last.

If You Relapse
What to do if you try to make a change and then relapse.

Will It Do Any Good?
How to change your thoughts when you want to.

A Simple Device Can Help You Change Your Habitual Thoughts
It is the most effective self-indoctrination method I've ever used.

Change the Way You Think
A practical and effective method to carve new insights permanently into your brain (painlessly).

Beginner's Mind
Why you should apply fundamentals before you get into the esoteric stuff.

One Goal To Rule Them All
In the quest for personal growth, what are we trying to accomplish? What are all the different methods aimed at? What are we after?

How to translate good insights into real changes in your life.

How Habits Work
How to stick to a new habit one a different when has already been established first.


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