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Problem Solving 101
Improve your ability to solve problems with this simple mental switch.

Get it Done
Get things done by setting clear short-term targets.

The Only Thing You're Not Doing to Achieve Your Dreams
You work hard. You're plenty motivated. So what else is there? One more thing.

Stay on Track
Learn the secret of achievement through true life examples of famous people.

Done List
Ever work all day only to feel you got nothing done? Have you ever felt your actions were futile? You can cure it will a simple technique.

How Pessimistic Thoughts Make Things Worse
Using an illustration from book seven of the Harry Potter series, you can witness how pessimism makes you less effective and interferes with accomplishment.

Feeling Competent
Cure your fear of trying new things.

Imperfect and Done
Get more done, even if it isn't perfect yet.

Mind Control
Become happier and more successful by directing your thoughts.

Prevent Job Burnout
This is an interview with Adam Khan about how to prevent job burnout, and what to do if you're already in it.

Only Prefer It
If your goals are stressing you out, read this article.

Calm Decisions
How to make good decisions when you are upset about something.

This Way
Feeling tired and overwhelmed? You can feel better.

Environmental Control
You are influenced by your environment. But you can also control your environment to some degree. Learn how and why.

Control Decision
What you decide you have control over can often change what you in fact have control over.


Slotralogy 101 is a small book. You can start here: Slotralogy 101. At the end of each page is a link to the next chapter. But if you'd like to skip around, here are the rest of the chapters in order:

Slotralogy 201

How to Change Your Habits of Thought

Practice Clear and Simple Slotras

Build Up To It When Using a Slotra

How to Change Your State of Mind

Think Of Slotras As Training

Slotralogy and Positive Thinking

Love is a Great Motivator


Different Kinds of Motivation

How Habits Work

How To Form New Habits Of Thought

The Slotrology Of Motivation And Focus

Changing Mental Habits With Slotralogy

Creating a Purpose Slotra

The Magic Of Motivation

When You Backslide

Talking To Yourself For Fun And Profit

Repetition Sucks

Repetition, Focus, and the Power to Achieve

Unremitting Resolution Can Accomplish What Seemed Impossible


What Is The Reticular Activator?
Learn how to use a part of your brain that can help you achieve your goals.

Why Set Goals?
Goals are not just nice to have. They are essential. Find out why and what you can do about it. This is a long and informative article.

How to Make a Decision
This is a method recommended and described in detail by Benjamin Franklin and is still one of the best methods for making difficult decisions.

Your level of determination will, in large part, make your goal succeed or fail. Here is how to increase your determination.

You Don't Need to Be Positive to Succeed
You hear it all the time. Only with a positive attitude can you achieve. It is not true.

How to Have More Courage
Once you know what courage is made of, you will know how to be more courageous.

Some is Better Than None
A principle to help you get things done.

Focus Creates Power
Improve the likelihood of success with a simple skill all successful people use.

Everyday Creativity
How to more easily and creatively solve problems and create solutions.

Master Tool
A simple technique to make you more effective and less stressed.

Common Sense
Learn a mental strategy that will improve your performance of any task.

Scientifically Speaking, There Is No Reason To Be Miserable
How to solve problems and feel better by thinking better.

Doubt Funks
If you ever doubt yourself or your project, this article is for you.

The Most Powerful Way to Talk to Yourself
Discover the most powerful way to talk to yourself.

A Simple Lesson in Persistence
A true story about what it takes to achieve your dreams.

A Practical Method of Undemoralizing
If you ever feel discouraged or disheartened, read this.

How to become more patient.

See the Funny
Developing your sense of humor can make you better at solving problems.

The Trim Tab of Your Mind
How to direct your attention and control your mind without a lot of effort.

The Art of Thinking
How to change the way you feel so you become more effective with your actions.

Power In Your Life
Everybody knows you "should" be honest. But not everybody knows honesty has practical advantages that outweigh, in most situations, any benefit you could get by compromising your integrity.

Crush Pessimism
Defeat defeatism. Demolish demoralization, not only in your own mind, but in the minds of those you love. The link goes to our blog.

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
This is a book review of one of the most practical self-help manuals ever written.


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