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Exercise lowers stress and anxiety, and that can be very good for your health.

Exercise Motivation
Learn the mental strategies of someone who has maintained a consistent motivation to exercise for 27 years.

Losing Weight
What to do if you want to lose weight.

Day of Silence
Experience a day of silence and you will appreciate your life more.

Fasting to Lose Weight
Is fasting a good way to lose weight? Find the answers here.

Diet For IBS
If you suffer from IBS or SIBO, you should read these dietary recommendations. It could greatly reduce or even eliminate your IBS symptoms.

Pessimism and Your Immune Health
Learn how pessimism impacts your immune system.

Pessimism and Heart Disease
The studies are extensive. Pessimism has a profound effect on your heart.


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Why Are Probiotics Good For You?
How can bacteria in your intestines have such a powerful influence on so many systems of your body? And how can you best help yourself to the benefits of probiotics?

Fasting and Health
Learn about an interesting experiment showing how fasting can positively influence health.

Under-Fasting and the Fountain of Youth
Here is the answer for not only your personal struggle with putting on the pounds but with the developed world's "obesity epidemic."

Health Care Idea
An idea to improve the health care system of the United States.

The Joy of Low Metabolism
Conventional wisdom says a high metabolism is a good thing. Maybe not.

The Magical Fruit
Which food has the most significant effect on your health and longevity?

Happiness and Time
How to achieve balance in your life.

New Twist on CPR
A new study changes how we should help someone in cardiac arrest.

Sacred Eating
Give up eating for pleasure. You will be happier.

Driven By Your Insatiable Mind?
Do you feel driven to read or listen to programs or keep up with the news? Maybe what you need is an information fast. 

How Does Tea Impact Your Health?
Learn about the health benefits of drinking tea.

Why Low Carb Works
A clear explanation of why low carb eating works to keep you slim.

Solitude and Time
Solitude might be a need rather than a luxury.

Why do people meditate? Is it good for you? Have any studies been done? Find out here.

The Best Fasting Method
This article compares juice-only fasting with water-only fasting and gives tips for safe and healthy fasting.

Jack LaLanne's Diet
How does Jack LaLanne stay fit and lean at such an advanced age? Part of the key is his diet.

Ikigai is Good For Your Heart
The Japanese have a word not found in English to describe a particular orientation to the world. And this orientation is good for your health and happiness.


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