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Make a Long URL Short
Sometimes you want to send a link to someone in an email but the link is ten miles long. This website simply and easily creates a shorter link that works.

Read Articles Without Having To Register
Have you ever wanted to read an article on the LA Times or anywhere else but could only read part of the article unless you registered? You can bypass the registration process with this handy website.

Find Out If Something Is True Or Not
When you get an email containing some urgent piece of news or a story, you can check Urban Legends and find out of it's true before you waste anyone else's time (by forwarding it). In fact, if you find out it's not true, hit "reply to all" and send them a link to the Urban Legends page so you can stop anyone else from forwarding it (and teach them what to do with those emails in the future).

Find a Shorter Word With The Same Meaning
This is a thesaurus that will give you shorter words for the longer words you type in. It is simple and easy to use. Why waste your reader's time reading long words that are difficult to decipher when there are shorter words with clearer meanings?

Remind Yourself Of Things You Want To Remember In The Future
This is the one I use the most. With EmailFuture, you email yourself a message in the future. Pick the date and time you want to get it, even a year in the future, and on that day, there it is in your inbox. Remind yourself of important events simply, easily, and free.

Get Entire Books Sent To You In Email Installments For Free
Strange but true. These aren't bottom-shelf books, either. Many are new books, and many are bestsellers. Choose your book, choose which days you want the installments of the book to arrive in your inbox, give your email address, and the book is delivered to you via email one section at a time. Free.

Discover New Music and Listen
This is an easy-to-use online radio without the ads. It learns your taste in music over time if you register. But you don't have to register. You can go to the site and just start listening to high-fidelity music immediately.


Edit Your Photos Online Easily and Simply
You can crop, resize, rotate, or alter the colors of your pictures. It is a simple, easy-to-use interface, and it works quickly. Save new versions of your photos to your computer.

Find Out What's Popular On The Internet
On a single page, you can see everything that's popular today on the internet today. Literally today. See headlines (links) to the top pages on Digg, Reddit, Del.icio.us, Newsvine, Metafilter, and more.

Get Temporary, Disposable Email Addresses
On this page you can create a temporary, disposable email address, good for fifteen minutes. You can both send and receive emails from the temporary email address. You can get your message to someone without them ever knowing who sent it. Think of the possibilities.

Send a Fax Without a Fax Machine
Sometimes you need to send a fax, but who has a fax machine these days? Here is the answer: Fax Zero. It easy to use and doesn't cost a thing. You can also subscribe to the FaxZero announcement list for occasional news about FaxZero.com — such as when they add new features.

Make Your Own Handwriting Into a Font You Can Type With
You send in the samples of your own handwriting, and for nine dollars, the Fontifier will create a font you can download onto your computer and use just as you do any other font, for writing papers and books and letters. Make your notes more personal with your own personalized font. This one isn't free, but nine dollars is almost free!

Online Electronic Post-It Notes
Manage your tasks, share your ideas with your friends, collect photos from everyone who attended a party, and whatever else you want to do with web stickies. Here's another program that does the same thing, and here's how it works.

Turn Your Screensaver Into a Slide Show of Your Favorite Photos
Choose a folder on your computer that has all your favorite photos. Then set it as your screensaver. The program shows those pictures randomly, viewing each picture for ten seconds or twenty or whatever you choose.

Send Yourself Reminders Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
Type the message you want to send to yourself and then choose how often you want to get it in your email inbox, and click "Resnooze yourself." That's it. Your message will be emailed to you until you want it to stop.


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