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SOMETIMES I RELAX BY imagining a place I invented. It is a vast open plain with tall dry grass, flat for many miles in every direction with mountains in the far distance. There are no cars or roads or houses in any direction. In my mind, I walk through the tall grass toward two tall trees by the side of a creek. The creek is small, about two feet deep and about two feet wide, meandering slowly through this enormous meadow. The two trees spread out over the creek making a nice shade. It is a warm sunny day. There's a light breeze. Very comfortable.

In my imagination, I walk up and climb into the hammock strung between the two trees. My dog has been walking with me and lies down on the ground within reach and I pet her lazily. We feel content, the two of us. There is no sound except the breeze lightly blowing through the trees.

This scene is very peaceful to me. I deliberately designed it one day, and I heartily recommend this simple relaxation method to you. Design a place for yourself with whatever elements you find relaxing. Kick back sometime and think of an ideal place of relaxation. What kind of surroundings, what kind of place, would make you feel most at ease? Think about as many details as possible. What kind of weather would you like? What is the temperature of the air? Who is with you? What are you wearing? What is in your view all the way around? Creating the place itself is a pleasant exercise.

And once you've got one created, you can use it when you're feeling stressed or having trouble sleeping. Lie back, close your eyes and transport yourself to your special place. Rest there for awhile. It is amazingly refreshing.


Imagine an ideal relaxing place
and rest there occasionally.

Author: Adam Khan
author of the books, Self-Help Stuff That Works and Antivirus For Your Mind
and creator of the blog:
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